First Look at Kamisama Dolls 01

I liked the style for the OP.

I can't seem to peg what this anime is exactly about yet from this one episode. Actually, it's less about what it is about, but rather the direction that it's looking to go. The one glaring thing is that I didn't quite like the art style, which is a personal peeve of mine. (By the way, since I am about to board an airplane heading back home from my vacation, I am a bit more rushed to finish this post.)

Nothing like murder to get your chance at the girl of your dreams.

I guess the major thing that bothered me was not being able to pinpoint the direction. At this point, it seems like the one that attacked them was his best friend at one point, and they will eventually team up to take down the shrine. I mean, all secret powerful organizations are evil, right? I guess the girl will also tag along, being young and impressionable. He's such a bad role model. Tsk-tsk~

I wonder how she factors into all of this. She seems to be a random love interest who is just a damsel in distress. That's just a liability, if you ask me; he should just pick the loli since she clearly might be more useful in his upcoming battles. From the looks of it, the pacing isn't bad compared to the manga. It's much faster than average. It also leads me to wonder if they will leave it open-ended or create a unique ending. This does make or break some anime, because open endings suck and unique ones are usually filled with plot holes.

Another glaring thing I noticed from this episode was that I really dislike the art style; it feels really bland. I can't pinpoint what exactly is bland about it, but I know that it puts me to sleep. That could also be because I slept for 4 hours over the last 72 hours in order to to sleep-deprive myself for my flight...

My prospects don't seem too high for this anime, as it feels a bit too weak to be shounen but not enough mystery. It's kind of that middle ground that excels at neither. I'll give it a few more episodes, but I strongly doubt that I will pick this one up when it is overshadowed so badly by Steins;Gate airing at almost the same time. I have very low prospects on it, unless everything else airing this season turns out worse...