First Look at Blood-C


I guess the first thing to start with is, "WTF did they do to the Blood series?!" If I was the creator who sold the rights, I would shoot myself so that I could get away from it and then roll in my grave. What they did to Blood with that first episode was so blasphemous that they have zero chances of redeeming themselves.

Seriously, how did she make this shot?

The anime started off with me confused if they turned the series into slice-of-life. They tried to do what many other anime did to create a calm before the storm, to make the dramatic change feel good. The problem was that the calm didn't make me like Saya. The slice-of-life portion just felt so boring and brutal. I guess CLAMP is living out their dream life in middle school, just like all those harem anime do the same for the other gender.

One glance and you already know that the "friend" (and hot) guy will stay friend-zoned without ever thinking twice, and the the quiet mysterious one is the one she really wants. He'll probably go on rejecting her until the end of the anime; it's highly different from the harem of girls that just swarm in and don't let go. lulz~ The problem with this is that it is boring, since nothing happens.

That is a seriously strong neck.

Then we got to the super serious battle...with a rock. I question that after getting beaten around for a while, the sword was suddenly strong enough to cut the arms off in one clean swipe. What happened to those other swipes that got deflected? Did she lose her power to use her blood as a weapon to battle? Why did she get weaker? Why is she so two-faced with a huge father complex? There are just so many questions!!!

Nothing like twins for fanservice~

This episode was such a great disappointment that I don't think I want to give it another chance. It was like CLAMP decided to butcher an anime by putting in all the things they found "kool" into this jumbled-up mess of shit. If they stuck to a more consistent main character, or even stuck to that slice-of-life bullshit, or even the action, it would have been better. This episode was just going everywhere, becoming one of the worst first episodes that I have seen in quite some time.