Tiger & Bunny 11 - Politics of Sternbild

Instead of what I thought would be an Origami Cyclone-centric episode, this episode is more focused on the the decision-making process by the higher-ups of Sternbild. This episode isn't very exciting and is filled with a lot of low quality drawings, but I just can't bring myself to hate a T&B episode because of how much I love the characters (Kotetsu, in particular).

Dat quality.

I honestly don't mind the rather abundant low quality drawings when they're very short in terms of time on screen. Here, we have the heroes sitting around doing nothing while waiting for the big shots upstairs to make a decision on what to do. This really speaks to me, because of something similar that happened in my city in real life. Basically, this suicidal guy walked out into the beach and drowned himself, while the rescue crew and firefighters sat there on the shore, just watching. Handcuffed by policy, or so they say. Anyway, I've digressed. I just feel that doing the right thing should override the possible political consequences of said action when the time calls for it.

Kotetsu doing his Phoenix Wright impression.

Social commentary in my T&B? Nowai. Incompetent politicians? Hey, what else is new. Sternbild is pretty much run by the CEOs of the corporations that sponsor the heroes, and our suspicious friend, Maverick, seems to be the mayor's go-to guy. Anyway, Kotetsu yells some sense into them because the obvious choice is to prioritize the safety of the citizens. Rather than trying to negotiate with the terrorists, they give in to Ouroboros' demands and frees Jake Martinez instead.

Their brilliant plan is to have Ivan infiltrate Ouroboros. However, the downside is that Ivan isn't exactly the best at acting like a criminal and seems very unconvincing. Speaking of Ouroboros, their plan is to create a utopia in which the god-favored NEXTs rule the world. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? To further the plot, Jake doesn't feel like releasing the citizens.

Every politician needs to feed crap to the media. Here, we have Maverick throwing his foster son to the media as public relations fodder. Sure, a hero that has a personal vendetta against the group that is holding us hostage really inspires us to feel confident that we'll be saved. More importantly, it is revealed that Barnaby took on his father's name when he decided to become a hero. What could his real name be?

The next episode should be a lot more interesting because Origami Cyclone's in some deep shit. Jake isn't buying Ivan's act one bit. I wonder what Jake's power is; it seems to be some crazy Stars Wars force power, but I'm sure it will be further explored in the next episode. As much as I'd want this to happen, I don't think Lunatic will get involved in this incident. I'm looking forward to the next episode because I really want to know what'll happen to Ivan (I doubt he's going to die, though).