Steins;Gate 13 - The Inevitability

Well, I was expecting the time leap to move more than just a few hours; I was pretty sure they said two days. I guess that would make things too easy, being able to jump so far back. Being able to only go back a few hours makes things much more "balanced".

I knew it. The part-time warrior came to save them. It is about time she displayed her warrior half. At least she made an awesome one. The real question is why Ookarin didn't want to know how she did such a feat. I mean, I think I would want her help to try to save Mayuri, if she could've saved them the first time.

I am starting to think she has ulterior motives rather than actually trying to apprehend them. She seems more keen on forcing Ookarin to use the machine rather than to take it for themselves. I think it is because they want a human test subject, something they could never find. They seem to "let" him get away after provoking him. It's just my theory, at least; another one would be how she seems a bit low tech to be part of SERN. Maybe she rallied her own band of people to take the time machine for herself. It feels less likely, but it's still a theory nonetheless.

My only issue so far was how the episode ended. It seems to be pushing for the "fated to die" thing. I generally dislike things so "supernatural", preferring more explanations. I hope we find out that the little girl was mind-controlled or something. It felt like the entire pacing of the secret organization was being thrown-off when she died so randomly at the end.

I am happy that the anime is still progressing very nicely. I mean, they are moving the plot along well, and I am loving the characters. It has been a while since I liked pretty much all the characters in an anime. I hope they won't loop this same timeframe too many times; it will get boring fast if they do that. Just get the part-time warrior and beatz them.