Steins;Gate 10 - Jello of Death

So, things seemed a bit less serious this episode with a bit of revelations. It wasn't as much of a shock episode as the last one but still, it was a nice "break" from that final super serious moment. It was good nonetheless, because it finally confirmed my theory of who John Titor was.

It was so amazing that Ookarin actually checked. I guess, as the viewer, the gender change was very obvious, but Ookarin seems pretty slow on things; he's really not the brightest bulb in the box. I guess that was obvious from all of his actions, though. It was nice to see the reaction to it, though; it's definitely a huge facepalm moment when you realize it was a fake trap.

This part was probably one of the highlights of the episode for me. Last episode, I was wondering how Feyris was still friends with them, since it was a glaring hole within this timeline. I'm very relieved that it was explained in such an obvious fashion to the viewer. The explanation was a bit sketchy, since it's just coincidental that they became friends like that again. Inb4 it was fate that drew them together.

I was ecstatic to find out I was right. I called that she was John Titor from episode 5, though I thought it was done very obviously from the beginning. It is always good to know you're right. Though, at this point, I'm convinced that when she called her "dad", she was actually talking to herself, one that was "earlier" in time travelling to avoid coming to her time. Hence, that was why the satellite disappeared and reappeared when she was back. It was probably that a change in the timelines occurred while she contacted herself in an earlier time. Just my theory, at least.

This was nothing as mind-blowing as what happened in the last episode, but it was definitely good. I am really looking forward to every new episode of this series now. This is probably my favourite of this season, with all these latest developments. I really hope this follows through well, now that my standards for this anime have risen substantially.