Hanasaku Iroha 10 - Why Didn't You Take the Dramatic Route?

This episode was entertaining for all the wrong reasons. For a moment, I thought that this anime was going to take a really good turn for the better, but then they chose to go the "drama-free" route. I guess I'm not alone when I think that this anime has been going downhill. Even the pre-orders for this BD were pretty low (almost one FRT low) for such a high production anime; hopefully, they will make it passed the anime-saving line.

Do people actually do this to check temperature? It seems like an anime-only thing...

I guess I'll start with the highlight of this episode: Tohru CLEARLY wants Ohana bad. To be honest, Minchi doesn't deserve him. I mean, she has been working in the inn for a pretty long time, yet still can't do the simplest of cooking. She fails as a housewife, and thus life. Ohana, on the other hand, has been working to throw her vibes out to snatch Tohru away, and it is working. When this blows up, it sure is going to be awesomesauce.

I find this picture of the grandma kind of off... It's like they're skimping on animation. Seriously, it's the same clothes and same hair style; it was just a change on the colouring a bit. In a good 30 years, you usually change outfits and hairstyles to reflect the popular thing of the time. I'm very, very disappointed to see this depiction of the past.

This was the only other amazing drama moment. I was screaming, "YES, YES, YES!!!" It would have been so awesome if Ohana just decided to get up and go home, leaving everyone in a panic. It would have made such an amazing arc, but they let it go so easily. It was also very disappointing to see that they are going the drama-free route on things again. They are really trying to keep things more "realistic", but what fun is that? The point of being an anime is that they can exaggerate many things, like soap operas.

I keep saying this, but it hasn't changed: all of this pales in comparison to the first episode. This episode was pretty entertaining, which has been rare lately with this series. All it has going for it is the emotional drama boiling up around Tohru, which probably will turn out drama-free like everything else in this anime. At least the art and animation is good, I guess. I keep watching it in the hopes that it redeems itself... Ganbatte, Ohana~