Dog Days 13 - Just as Planned...

Well, I can't say that I didn't expect that he would be able to return again. The huge problem I had was the over-dramatized leaving ceremony. It was clear that after such a failed climax, nothing even remotely bad could happen. I seriously don't know what they were thinking with such a drawn-out goodbyes.

So, why did they feel the need to not introduce her earlier? They purposely didn't show her face or even name her - but then, out of nowhere, she gets screentime now. We got three new character introductions in the final episode; does that mean they are planning on a sequel? I hope not, after such a horrid ending.

What we learned was that she played absolutely no role in this anime at all. Her job was to fill some time gaps that they needed and to also troll us into believing that this anime was aiming for something greater than what was initially assumed, only to find out that everyone had assumed right. That is like trolling on a whole new level.

This anime turned out pretty badly. I am mainly disappointed that they could have done much more with this, but went with the worst possible route. We also learned that he owns a harem within the fantasy world and in the real world; wow, this hero is good. At least we didn't have to see Leo-sama writhe in pain anymore.

These final episodes were just brutal. They ended with a horrible climax and then drawn-out goodbyes. The fake dramatic never-see-again tone didn't help either. It was clear that they would find a way to send him back. How coincidental that the message he wrote to Millhore had all the requirements! I have nothing else to say but that this anime crushed my dreams of a much better future. Maybe if they had focused on the present, har-har-har. *insert random jab at [C] here*