Dog Days 10 - Anti-Climactic-ness

The hero becomes a TRAP!! 

Wow, that was amazingly anti-climactic. This was portrayed as the death of Millihore, and yet the Big Bad Boss died pretty easily. With another 2-3 episodes left, this leaves me to believe that another final boss will show up. At least, that is all I can hope for to redeem this anime.


They've hyped up Millihore's possible death atop the floating platform for a couple of episodes now. To find out that nothing even close occurred feels like such a cop-out. It feels now that they tried to make things more "mysterious", but then were forced to stick to their main genre. This left the climax very out of place and pretty horribly done.

It didn't help that they also hyped up the two amazing legendary swords, but I found them quite ugly. Usually these things look awesome. Why did they put their swords away instead of cutting the chains to help pull out that cursed sword? Tsk-tsk~ For a supposedly climactic battle, nothing really happened. It was just a few flashy swipes and then it was over. It was like they weren't even choreographing a good fight; it was just show of some flashy attacks.

Seriously, she is such a useless character. Why does she still get screen time? I seriously don't understand what her purpose in this anime serves. She feels like such a filler character. I mean, it's not just her; the story felt pointlessly slow at this point. There was a huge build-up for a battle with a demon that didn't really happen. I mean, the entire story is condensed into just three battles based on a story that was supposed to be battle-heavy. I mean, if the battle even involved more commanders battling each other rather than just them all beating the nameless units, things could have been better. 

Was there really a point to explaining the back story of the doggy? I mean, the battle lasted one episode. Maybe if it lasted longer and had been more "meaningful", you might have cared about the back story. As it stands now, it feels like more useless info to be added to the story, which could have been replaced with something that the viewers would have preferred, like more pew pew and less QQ.  

Archer Leo-sama? <3

I guess I'm just very disappointed with how all of this turned out. It felt like it had the makings of something much greater, but they chose to squander it with a horrible ending. This seems to happen often with anime; there's amazing build-up with no follow-through. The only redeeming thing that could possibly happen is my theory about the two evil ninjas coming in to bring the real final battle. Not likely, but here is to hoping...