Denpa Onna 07-08 - Rockets to Pierce the Heaven

Random side character, 'cause I can.

I probably had enough to talk about to write separate posts for each episode but I've been really busy lately. Combine that with my lack of motivation to blog about this due to my dislike of it, and here we are. So, we got a episode largely centred around Maekawa, and then an episode around Meme. This show just leaves me so uninspired lately. There's just nothing worthy to really talk about...

I guess it worked out well to combine these two episodes, since they were both focused on the bottle rockets. I'm just going to pretend that the Maekawa-focused parts of this anime didn't occur, since I don't really care for her character to begin with. Something about her just turns me off. The highlight of Episode Seven was pretty much Ryuuko confessing that she liked Makoto. The scene was a very nice touch, since it combined her quirkiness with the serious moment well. She is definitely my favourite character.

Maybe if this anime was based off  the loli Meme, things would be better...

With that, I'll skip to the the eighth episode, partly since nothing of the other episode was even memorable. Heck, even after just watching this episode yesterday, it's paled too much in comparison to other stuff to stay memorable. I didn't like Meme that much, but this episode wasn't too bad. It really gave her a chance to shine as a character.

No, you will never get Meme.

She spent the episode talking about her life story, which wasn't too bad, to be honest. I was just hoping for some aliens or such popping out; just some big event to explain why she acts the way she does. She clearly doesn't feel like she is ready for Erio, but why? I think that friend of hers was purely introduced to get Meme to talk about her story; he probably will disappear from the anime after this. Sucks to not be main cast, doesn't it? ~Tsk-tsk~

I guess the other big thing to touch on is the grandmother. I guess I'm at that age where a bottle rocket isn't that impressive, so I can't seem to understand how they are all in awe. I mean, maybe if you made the rocket yourself and then saw it succeed... Then, maybe. As an onlooker, like me watching the episode, it felt pretty boring. I'm such a buzzkill. D: At least it promoted the idea to look out for our elderly, if nothing else.

It isn't a bad series, per se; it just lacks the enthusiasm that it once had. I used to really like this show, but things have calmed down so much that I see no hope for it. It's almost as bad as Hanasaku, but at least that one has better art. This show has some derpy faces, which only turns me off more from the show. I guess this is my biggest problem; the drawing style is more of a personal thing, so I can't outright say the anime is bad for it. Little enthusiasm for this show is how I feel. I'll probably end up stacking the rest of the series into one more post, due to my trip plus my detest of making posts for this anime.