[C] 11 - Con + TROLL = [C]ontrol

Since when was the yen the strongest currency?

I can't believe how well they picked this title. This is 10/10 because they trolled me so well that I didn't even see it until the final episode. It was humorous how many Dues Ex Machina they stuck into this final episode. They needed a new one to better explain the previous one they put in. That is the epitome of pro-trolling.

So, where to start? I guess I can begin with the awesome Pokemon battle. I mean, he even recalled Msyu in really classic Pokemon style, with the glowing and everything. BTW what is up with Q owning two macroflations? That seems against the rules. After ignoring the fact that her freeze skill is absolutely imba, watching the screen spinning 360 degrees as they were fighting was just WTF? Did they think that that much would be enough to hide the horrid animation? Either way, how coincidental that with every killing blow, right before it connected, Mikuni's blade shrunk. It sure is great to be the main character. What about Q's sudden change of heart and decision to not fight? She was always dead-set that money was all she ever needed, so when a mere few words changed her entire outlook, that is generally frowned upon as an inconsistent characterization and writing...

Homu Homu time travels in. "Crash the currency, save the world!"

Now, enter the God of the Financial District. Basically, he alone was the biggest Dues Ex Machina; he pretty much just told us that everything that had happened was fate and everything was just a means to push for the "best" end. I haven't seen such a horrid cop-out in quite some time. You could put in any ending you wished by using this as a reason why. Sigh, sigh. This is like QB saying that entropy is not a problem any more, so reviving all the Magic Girls and then everyone living happily ever after. Who cares about entropy, anyway? It's not like the world will end; balance is overrated.

As always, I must talk about the economics of this show. I think the background formula (FV = PV + I) was their attempt at infusing the most basic of economic formulas as a bid to teach people a bit about it. More likely, it was the only thing that the writers understood about economics. Crashing the yen to magically fix things is still so funny. I am not sure how well they understand this, but nothing good will ever come from crashing your currency. Replacing your currency with another country's is just as bad. For example, look at the euro right now. Greece is in ruins partly due to their overspending, but being part of the EU is actually hurting them just as greatly. By using the euro as its currency, their waning economy is not reflected within its currency. I could delve more deeply into this, but I'll just leave it at the fact that Greece is struggling harder than it has to because of the euro.

We were basically told that the fight between Mikuni and Kimimaro had no meaning; the Information Broker was the real one that saved the day and the fight didn't matter. Nice job at writing a storyline where the climactic battle served no purpose. Mikuni's goal was always to preserve the present - yet, every time he did, the present got ripped apart from his actions. Way to fail at your only goal.

How did everyone magically get their beautiful lives back? Spinning the rotary press in reverse was supposed to only stop the latest transaction that Mikuni started, which had not been processed yet. How it also magically "returned" all the futures to the world was just awesome. What was told midway through the anime was that Kimimaro could not buy the future back for his teacher, but he can now? That is some extremely consistent story-telling. The Financial District should have disappeared due to a lack of trust, but it is fine now that they use USD? Can they just keep crashing the currency when things go bad? It seems like an easy way out after you are already rich.

1. Run rotary press two times.
2. Exchange half the money to the next most stable currency.
3. Use that one extra pressing to crash the currency.
4. ??
5. Profit.

For an anime about money, they sure put a lot of it into the the animation. I mean, what about Hanabi? She was the main focus for why Kimimaro even entered the Financial District. He decided to visit his teacher before her, though; she sure was important. For an anime about futures, does anyone else find it ironic that it was only eleven episodes?

I am mad, bro.

This anime was the epitome of what not to do with an anime. It was a story filled with plot-holes, with no research done on one of the major themes of the anime. I mean, they never even resolved the issue with Kimimaro's father, which was stressed on about really early in the anime. A horrid story combined with some horrid animation leaves nothing to be desired. Still, it's 10/10 for successfully trolling me into finishing it; they did well with that much. I'll do a spoiler-free review later, once the rage subsides a bit.