[C]antankerous 10 - The ECONOMICS is Mind-Blowing

Talk about a crappy-looking macroflation, compared to the other two.

I was considering splitting the episodic stuff and the economic stuff into two separate posts. Then I realized: there's nothing episodic that's important, other than a few more plot holes, so why not just stick them together? I mean, they did a sloppy job just slapping everything together, so it seems only fitting that I do the same thing when making a post. Why there are people that still think this anime is the best thing to ever happen is beyond me.

Seriously, why fight him?

I guess I'll start with this pointless battle. It was never explained why he even needed to battle another Entre of the guild. I mean, the necessity of fighting Mikuni for the Black Card was clearly explained. This battle just seemed pointlessly added in to "weaken" Msyu for her final battle with Mikuni.

You mean, having the attack called out wasn't enough warning to not be surprised?

Then, we got our macroflations finally being used. In the rules, it clearly stated that these were possible, not to mention that the numbers they were using as early as even the second episode were much larger than the minimum amount to use a macroflation. Why is it a surprise to see one being used? For that matter, why was it only used now? It is like intentionally holding an ace so you can lose battles earlier.

WWTF is mine, indeed. That's all I've been thinking this entire season.

The other battle was just as mind-blowing. Her macroflation let her STEAL ANOTHER ASSET. That is as broken as it gets; that is insta-win against crappy Entres like Kimimaro. With her second usage of it, why not just TAKE Q? If she was so powerful, it would stand to reason to take the best one. Why does logic elude all the characters in this show? This was just mind-blowing how illogical these two fights were.

So, the American Financial District was sitting at 4.5 trillion, which is signifigantly larger since it is in USD rather than 27 trillion yen for the Japanese one. You can also notice that 20 trillion was injected last time into the Japanese Financial District, and it is portrayed on the screen that it was 20 trillion again this second pressing. At least that was consistent. So, basically, they are saying that before the infusion, the American economy was roughly 500 times larger. I'm not sure if the creators realized, but it is only around 3 times larger; I mean, Japan is the second-third largest economy (pretty much tied with China at the moment) - unless, in this fictional world, Japan is uselessly small. That doesn't sound right, though, since Japan is always portrayed as the best in every anime. I am led to believe that someone didn't actually look up the size of the economy. Also, I'm not sure if it was mistranslated, but you can't really suck up all the money in the world and cause the currency of the other countries to fall... That is quite literally doing the opposite of inflating a currency (by having too much of that currency).

So, if you pay close attention to the English, or just look at the subtitles, the IMF set up a fund of 50 billion that was already able to bounce the [C] back. Comparing this to the 20 trillion yen, that is around 200 billion USD, which is four times larger than what the US put in, yet it was so much less effective. For that matter, how do you "bounce back" a ripple effect in the economy? It was like they were just pulling shit out of their asses. I seriously question how much research into economics they did for this anime. To me, it looks like they opened a dictionary of terms, pulled out stuff they liked and made up the rest from what they thought was economics.

Is that the ROFLcopter? Bringing joy to everyone?

I can't believe they got something right about economics, though. Handing out 100 million to each bank account wouldn't do anything because it is easily traced unless it was all spent instantly. After everyone has it, the damage is done and no one would sell their stuff for the same price. Dropping bills from a helicopter is a guarantee that it will be extremely difficult to track down, so it's a much more effective way of causing inflation. I guess, after so many tries, one thing about economics has got to be correct. Nice to see at least something done right.

"I'll never let anything hurt you!"... *summons her*

Seriously, we are one episode away from ending this anime and I still can't pinpoint a genre that I can use to give this anime a better score. They started off with it being battle, with a huge explanation of rules that I was willing to accept and ignore the economics...until they stopped showing the battles in its entirety. When you only get snippets of a fight, you can't claim that it is battle. Then they tried to make it plot-heavy, focusing on the economic problems of the nation and the philosophical problem residing within Kimimaro. Post after post, I have already explained how bad the economics are in this anime, so I don't think I need to elaborate. As for the philosophical problem, I have trouble calling this a main genre when it hasn't been expanded on. Even the shitty rules on the battles in the [C] have gotten more screen time and played zero role in any episode passed the second one. That's hardly a main genre when it takes a backseat.

I still fail to see why anyone would consider this anime good. It has no solid animation or plot and doesn't even make logical sense. The only thing they've got going for them is fast pacing, so people won't notice the billion or so plot holes along the way. I am looking forward to the Dues Ex Machina ending coming next episode. I seriously don't see how they can fix the hyperinflation caused in Japan already; at this point, they are already fucked when [C] hits them a second time.