Hanasaku Iroha 06 - We Need to Lengthen the Slits!

Oh, Ohana~ How you make everything more interesting. It is hard to compare this with Anohana this week, but it was definitely a good episode regardless. We got to see the cast in a few different costumes, rather than just the same old stuff. It's nothing near the level of MM! but it is still good to see that the characters can change clothes.

Like most slice-of-life shows, nothing much happened in this episode, but we got to delve more into the characters and the setting, which is nice. Ohana is showing more of her go-getter attitude by trying to improve business within the hot spring. She is going about it in the wrong way, and so is that fail english management consultant. Improving from within with tactics like changing costumes will only help retain your customer base, not improve it. You need better marketing to increase the flow of new customers. Maybe I'm just being more critical about this because I just watched Moshidora...

Her friend from the other inn is shown to be just as promiscuous as Ohana. Ohana wanted a more risque costume and so her friend suggested to just lengthen the slit. I mean, that slit was already pretty damn high to begin with:

God, Ohana, stop feeding the trolls; it isn't funny any more. I can see now why the other girl doesn't treat her like an enemy. Their inn is huge while Ohana's is dwindling and dying out slowly. I think this plot point will be delved on more later, when they are in a deeper threat of bankruptcy.

Side note: A business like this can claim losses only so many years in a row. After a while, they won't be considered a business and instead a hobby. This means they can't deduct their losses from income tax. In other words, they'd have to stop tax evasion through reporting loses on your own business. When that happens, you're in real trouble since you're paying taxes on top of a failing business. At least, that's how laws work for Canada/US; not sure about Japan, but I would assume that similar rules exist.

I guess the second huge point to touch upon was Tohru's lustful looks the entire episode. After Ohana chased him to the other inn to try and get him back, I think he's developing feelings for her. Twice in this episode, he's shown lusting after her...or, at least, the clothes she's wearing. It sure will make for some epic drama when Ko-kun shows up, or even when Minchi realizes that her crush has been stolen. Either way, drama is always good!

I actually didn't like the new kimonos. It felt too puffy and didn't fit well on them. Generally, these are more fitting to the person; they clearly didn't fit them. Also to note: you see the strings they have around their arms while wearing the other kimonos? That is so the huge sleeves don't get in the way of working and also don't get dirty. Why would they not need it now? Just some random thoughts.

She should've done it; it would've won points with her crush.

I guess it was a good episode to learn more about the history of the hot spring. Things like this help you learn more about the characters and what they used to be like. I wonder if they will outright throw in a flashback to see life in the hot spring back in the day. It would help fill some episodes since I still wonder how this will draw out for 24 episodes.

It was nice to see more about the background of Ohana's grandmother. We also finally saw Minchi act cold to Ohana again, which is the way that things should be. Now, if the stirring drama between Ohana and Tohru actually occurs, this will have the makings of some good stuff. All said and done, it still doesn't compare with the trap in Anohana...