Dog Days 09 - Enter Saber Millihore

We finally got to the start of the real battle. Anyone else notice how none of the generals ever fight each other? They are all nub-stomping and avoiding each other; these are some quality pub-stomping generals. Heck, the generals even run around in groups while avoiding each other. Ha-ha-ha. If that isn't pub-stomping, then I don't know what is.

Sigh. This show and their exploding clothes... It is funny as hell, but really? They need to come up with some better fabric - or, at least, they should just use the same fabric they use for underwear for all their clothes. That never seems to explode with the rest of the clothing.

That weapon is still so awesome.

These guys are quite literally just going around blasting away these random people. How do they even get so many random people to join these wars? All they ever do is get owned. I have yet to see one even get close to hurting one of the commanding units. The only two generals actually fighting each other will probably get nearly no air time, with a stalemate ending. C'est la vie of a side general character; it's much like how each one of them got screen time to attack once and then no more.

I'm still hoping the two ninjas turn out to be evil but I think that was a bit too farfetched. I knew it when I first guessed at such an outcome. It would have been a nice twist - they had all the setup for it to happen - until they fleshed out a bit of their pasts this episode. So, I now assume they will come help combat the big bad evil demon next episode; at least this is fitting the fantasy genre.

The ominous clouds and castle signify you're the "evil" character, since it's your castle. D:

I guess Leo-sama's character feels like it is going downhill; she's nothing like how her amazing entrance to this anime was. She entered with such power and character. Now she is reduced to pretty much constant inner QQ monologues. "Oh, woe is me." I mean the purple-haired maid seemed pretty keen on telling Millihore what was up when she invaded, but then you had Leo-sama just dumbstruck this episode. They were close friends while growing up; it just felt like her character made a 180 degree change for the worse.

We got a slight glimpse of the demon brewing in there from Leo-sama's vision. My expectations of Dog Days is dropping fast; I expect an anti-climatic fight here. It will probably zoom over to the other generals fighting to prolong this "main" battle to the episode after. At least they've made it obvious that they could die in this fight as predicted when that concept was first introduced in around episode three.

I guess my expectations of this show is dropping mainly since they seemed to have spent too much time developing things and not enough on the main plot. I mean, Becky got quite a bit of screen time for a person that seems to have no relevance to the story at all. Gaul was also introduced as a rival to the hero, but isn't even battling him in this war. I mean, these two points were expanded on enough to expect some kind of relevance to the story; instead, looking back on it, it now feels like it was filler.

She is no different...

All I can hope for is some nice final battle and hopefully a strong ending to clean up the loose ends. I don't have much hope for a strong plot now that almost everything seems to have unfolded. This show felt like it had so much promise, too; all that is left is a sea of broken dreams. I guess my expectations dropped but were suddenly surged up after Madoka expecting everything to be better done. I would QQ more, but Leo-sama has done plenty for all of us.