Dog Days 05 - Insert Songs ftw

Dog Days is getting more and more awesome to watch. Nothing like some insert songs to make an anime better.  My only real dislike is the recap at the start of the episode, but that takes a total of 15sec, which is much shorter than most recaps, so I guess it's fine. I am 100% sure there will be a grimdark twist at this point.

What is with this anime and the exploding clothes? They are always wearing something underneath, too, except that one time with Eclaire; it is almost like all the clothes are explosive.  Maybe they want to make a "director's cut" of the battles to sell twice as much the BD? (I hope people got that shitty reference~)

I've been mentioning this often lately, but I really am noticing animation quality more and more. This anime is definitely up there. Watching the battle, you can clearly see that they use more frames, and it is much much more fluid. It's even the smaller details, like their battle stances, that I'm noticing. Their arms and legs aren't flailing around, so they actually look like they're trying to balance their weight when attacking and blocking.

I didn't enjoy the random chibi moments in the battle, though. On one hand, it fits this anime, based on it being a "mock" battle and the fact that no one dies. It still feels out of place to randomly banter casually while mid-battle. Regardless, I guess it fits more with this anime than in "real" battles.

At this point, I think I'm almost 100% certain that it will have a grimdark twist or maybe even an entire ending. We've been set-up plot-wise so far with Leo-sama having unclear motives for her invasions. Surely, this was done to prepare the larger picture where they both join forces to combat this great evil. With this episode, the hero was even portrayed to have the possible outcome of death. Also, it isn't mentioned what exactly happens when he runs out of mana: maybe turn evil or lose control? We also know, in certain areas, even the animals can die instead of turning to furballs. They really are just setting everything up for a huge twist.

That's enough about the plot, considering I haven't even mentioned the star of the show much: Hot Pants-sama. She jumped in with a bang, beating out the strongest warrior of Biscotti and ending the rest of the battles. Again, you saw her correcting people that she's become the ruler, not being the princess anymore. This leads me to believe that she is not fully-accepted as the leader of the country and needs to assert herself to prove she is worthy. It's just some small insight on the best character of this show.

I still don't get how bunny = cat.

I think this anime is very well done and I can't wait for the coming plot twist. Hopefully, I can guess the actually twist before it happens. At this point, I'll speculate that this hero will kill off another hero in combat, and then there will be maybe an Evangelion moment where he realizes he killed someone for real.