Denpa Onna 03-04 - Revelations

I started a Denpa post last week, but just couldn't find enough to talk about to make a long enough post. So I waited until this week so I could get two episodes worth of content to write about. I am probably going to do that with this anime every time because it's hard otherwise.

In both episodes, they liked to reference stuff from other popular anime, which is fine but only some are well done. Just randomly throwing out a name like 5cm Per Second isn't that funny, but having the same scenario as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is much better. I guess just the random reference is good enough for some people, though.

Anyone else notice how she is permanently followed by a trail of glitter when she walks around?

I guess the main point to touch upon is Erio's final realization that she wasn't an alien. It is something tough to swallow if you truly believe it. I think it will turn out that she is something alien-related in the future, to keep the "mystery" of her around a bit. We still know very little of what happened when she went missing. We also don't know where she came from, since no one in the family even knew she existed. I think somewhere down the road, we will learn that she was picked up from the side of the road and is not really blood-related to the family, hence why no one has heard of her.

I actually found the hospital part horrible at the start. It made for probably the slowest part of any anime I've watched this season, and that includes that huge info dump in the last [C] episode. The need to explain how he rates things for his scale was just stupid. It is like making a joke, and then explaining in-depth how that joke is funny. Way to ruin it. Tsk-tsk.

At least the second half of the hosiptal scene wasn't too bad. Getting visited by his only two friends was interesting. It is pretty clear that his harem is now established, with one clear favourite and one that he wants gone. Either way, they make for some nice comedic moments to watch.

Oh, Meme, you've got the best antics of the bunch.

Overall, it's not a bad anime to watch. I question if the plot will move much; it currently seems to move at a snail's pace each episode, with a larger focus on comedy, which is all right. It's just hard to make weekly posts about jokes, since I don't feel a need to recap them to ruin it. It's definitely a show that I enjoy watching.