Random Update on Various Things

Random Madoka pics 'cause I can~ :3

There's lots of random stuff to post about, mainly pertaining to the blog in general. This post is actually more like my older posts, with random points that have little to do with each other. It feels kind of nostalgic doing a post like this...

I guess the biggest point of this very random post is that Aaro and Rho will soon be gone, leaving me all alone. They will be heading to China for the summer, which is fine except China censors Internet. Included in this Great Firewall is Blogspot, meaning this blog. Last year, when they went back, I considered moving the blog to Wordpress, but that fell through because of various reasons.

So, due to the firewall, all of Aaro's (and maybe Rho's too, if she has things to say) posts will be through me. If anyone knows of a working proxy server (or other means) to get around the firewall in China, that would be greatly appreciated.

Along this note, I wouldn't mind if someone wanted to help write for this blog, too. With Aaro gone, more of the writing weight will be put back on me (which I don't mind), but it would be nice to cover a lot of the anime airing for the Summer Season. I would even be willing to give up Spring Season anime that I normally write about if you give me a good enough reason for stealing it. XD I doubt anyone would want to, but I'm just throwing this out there. If you're interested, just leave a message in chatbox at the bottom and we can discuss about it. (I'm lurking around there usually.)

Another thing is that I have gotten a PS2 emulator to run off my laptop. I didn't realize that they had a decently working emulator by now. This search was sprouted when the Persona 4 anime was announced. Being a blog that had roots in the Persona series (Megaten), it felt wrong to not have played any of the Persona games that made it famous. It took a good hour to configure it to work on my shitty laptop, so I'll be playing this and many other PS2 games over the coming weeks. You can probably expect some reviews about those. If you need help installing it, they have a very good guide to walk you through step-by-step on what every option does.

On a related note, I'm willing to accept any recommendations for good PS2 games. My preference is RPG or strategy games, and combining both into SRPG is, by far, my favourite genre. I'm not much of an FPS or sports fan, so don't bother recommending those...

If you've been visiting regularly, then you probably noticed (or maybe not) the small tweaks to the site over the past month. With Aaro (HTML) and Rho (GFX) gone, the work on the blog will come to a halt for now. We were planning on a huge re-vamp of the site, but we couldn't come up with a solid design that we all liked. We wouldn't mind suggestions on what to improve (like button placements, banner style, or even comments on my shitty writing). Since all three of us know how to write code (Aaro is the best, so he does most of it), we can update the site as we please without resorting to swapping templates. We just need a vision of what we want.

Aaro Note~
Pearz is so melodramatic. It's not like I'm going to stop writing because I'm in a different country and don't have access to the site (I see how that might hinder some people...). If there are less posts from me (including certain anime suddenly and mysterious being updated by Pearz herself instead of me), it's because Pearz isn't posting the things I sent her. How evil.

That said, slightly over four months in China will mean that Pearz' posts will go unedited. I'm greatly sorry for this; I tried to convince her to send me the post to edit before posting, but she seemed pretty stubborn that it wouldn't be necessary. ...you've all been warned.

It won't be long until I can have full control of the blog again to do whatever I want with. Muahahahahhaha~