Happy (Belated) Anniversary~!

I guess that's too many people. Imagine 5 of them aren't here.

We've turned 2 years old~ I must say, Pearz worked so hard. I didn't think she could continue with the posting of episodic reviews for anime, so that was surprising. Even more surprising is the fact that she's trying to keep her English problems to a minimum now. (It's hit-or-miss, really.) Gambatte ne~

So what has Aaro been up to? There's been Shiki, which I just finished yesterday. It was kind of creepy (and wow, did it turn into pure-gore near the end); I should have just made Pearz watch it with me instead of waiting until Rho was awake so I wouldn't be alone. I kind of want to write a review (or, at least, rant a little), but I don't really like "rating" things, so maybe an informal info-dump at best. We'll see.

It's turned pseudo-harem by the end of the second season. Great.

I also just finished Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (second season to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei). Much like the first one, it was humour presented in various mediums (like messages on the chalkboard, multi-split screens, and so on), and there was a lot of pausing (and reading TLs). There's one more season and two more OVAs to go (although I'm holding off on the most recent OVA until I find better quality).

The fabsubbers must have fun translating all of this.

 I actually do like the series, but only at certain times. It's one of those things that you have to be in the mood for (because it really does take all of your attention if you want to understand what's going on). I'm pretty sure a good part of why Pearz doesn't want to keep up with it because of scenes like the above, which scrolls passed at a speed that even I can't keep up with. That's so much pausing going on...

There's also been...

If it actually looked like this, more people would play.

That's right, Pokemon White. I wanted to play Black, but Pearz couldn't get that so it was White instead. I know, I know. Who above the age of 10 plays Pokemon? Shut up.

What's funny is that I found this on an Aeria subforum.

I've now decided to take over most of the blog's HTML work. This decision was partially because I'm a developer by profession, so it's pretty alluring - and partially because it was really, really disconcerting to watch Pearz curled up in the fetal position in her chair, holding a pillow, while bemoaning how everyone else's blog looks great. At first it was a little funny, but then it just got disturbing.

I say "most of the blog's HTML work", but there really hasn't been any up until now. So Pearz made me a list of things she wanted (it was a verbal list, so wasn't she really just ordering me around?) and now I'm off to learn HTML properly. I wonder if I've been had...

Either way, look forward to the changes~

And now you know the secret of anime eyes.

As I write this, Rho and Pearz are watching the first episode of Dog Days. Rho just decided, "Argh! That's it. You're on your own now," while Pearz wails, "What is going on? I'm so confused!" I eagerly await Pearz' post explaining why "Biscotti" was constantly being said.

~Aaro off