Another Madoka-less Thursday

Another week goes by, another week without Madoka. Apparently, spoilers are out for the last two episodes, but I've been staying away from these. It kind of ruins anime that are like these; it really loses its punch if you know what's coming. Instead, I'll post about the random anime episodes that I've watched recently but never gave the time of day for a post.

I'll start with the most recent: Oreimo ep13. I'll be honest; I didn't actually watch the entire episode. I lasted maybe 5-6 minutes of this before I closed it while wondering, "WTF am I doing? I didn't like the series, so why am I watching the continuation of the ending?" It didn't help that I felt trolled watching ep12, considering the first 15min was exactly the same as the season finale. It felt like I was literally cheated out of 15min of my life. Maybe I'll just skip this episode, since I got a jist of what happened, and head to next one. It's not like I'm missing too much, and I'll still get to see what happens in the end. I'll try and watch this episode one day; it just won't be anytime soon.

I actually watched Nichijou ep0 when it was first subbed, but it was so mind-blowing that I couldn't stand to make the post. I was not prepared for how extremely slow this was, at all. I thought this mindless stuff only existed in the 4-komas, so I had to actually go back and check to see that it wasn't. Quite literally, in a 20min period, nothing happened. It was 10min of one girl convincing another girl that she wasn't stupid for failing a test, and then another 10min of a girl telling another to take her medicine. It was mind-blowing how long they can spend on this one topic without introducing anything new. I can clearly say that this will not be an anime I will follow; Sigh, this Lucky Star stuff. ...actually, I think this was even worse.

The third thing I watched was Shigofumi. I made it to the 6th episode before I had to put it on my "stall list". I gotta say that it started off as VERY promising. The first arc was absolutely amazing, and I enjoyed it very much. The problem came with the subsequent arcs, wherein it just seemed to get worse and worse. By the last one, they delivered a letter to a cat. At that point, I just had to stop. There are some lines you draw, and this anime just hit it. Maybe one day, I'll finish it in the hopes that it somehow redeems itself, but it will take a while to muster up the will to watch it after that WTF episode.
(Aaro Note~ : It won't redeem itself. The end.)

I also watched Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu OVA. I can say that I loved the first season, and the OVA didn't disappoint. I can't wait for the second season, coming in the summer. The second OVA raw is already out, but still not subbed yet. I really think the humour done in this series is amazing, so I'm super ecstatic about it coming.

That's about it for random stuff. At least, that's what I can remember...