Korean Zombie Desk Car 8

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka
It was a pretty huge fanservice episode this week. I realized that this and Madoka are the only ones that haven't done a swimsuit/beach episode. Madoka has some obvious reasons, since they don't have time for this kind of fanservice stuff, but I'm surprised to see that Zombie Desu Ka doesn't have it yet. Instead, we get a more "cosplay"-type episode. Usually, I post the screenshot of the CV for Yuu every episode, but it was a shitty screen and that CV didn't sound "Yuu-like". I know she has never spoken, but the other ones sounded closer to what I would have imagined. lolz I guess the voice just didn't sound "cutesy" enough.

Mask Donalds; at least this it fits with the entire mask giveaway thing they have in the anime. She shows up quite often as a side character; apparently, she is Yuki's friend. I wonder if anyone else noticed the ridiculous GIGA Burger poster; it seems like a huge bargain deal. XD

I bet he does too; he also likes twin tails. This was quite a large amount of screen time for a side character, though. I mean, her other friend got maybe zero lines and essentially just sat around looking pretty.

It was very uncharacteristic of her this episode, though. She opened up the episode with a Mahou Shoujo kick, but then went all dere-dere for the rest of the episode.

I don't know what to think of his new harem addition now that we get to see more of her. The other three girls clearly fit distinctly different categories, but she kind of just blends in with no real "eccentric" points. She feels a little bland, making me very un-opinionated about her.

To be honest, this episode in comparison to the other ones wasn't as amazing. I was laughing throughout it, but I guess some of it was bit bland since it was hugely focused on Yuki. Comparing this to the last episode of Madoka, I think Madoka is an edge ahead now. This is still highly recommended by me though, as both are still amazing anime so far. This was clearly setting up for a heavier episode next week.

There was a random Prince of Tennis reference at the next episode preview, if anyone else caught it.