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Guest "its funny. i never even cared about pvp in rpg games...u see. mmorpg is good in adventure n stuff (eventhough its fake)"

Guest Yep real pvp come in FPS. so if u pwn in mmorpg and u proud of it. juz so u know. the character doing the job for ya. so your focus is still ****.

Guest U SUCKS! and im bored so i ran in here and speak my mind to sluts like ya. later.

2/12/2010 - 1:15PM


Normally I wouldn't bother but there is 1 line here of particular interest. "real PVP come in FPS". To out right call out what constitutes real PVP is absurd. Is there only 1 real sport and t he rest are fakes? Heck real PVP wouldn't be in a game, if anything. PVP = Player VS Player, you should have just claimed paint balling is ultimate form of PVP if your along that line of thinking.

PVP in MMO takes a different kind of skill. FPS are more based off reaction and precision, where as MMOs are based on pre-planning and execution. The character in a way does the work for you cause you put in the effort in the beginning. If that effort wasn't put in, your character would be useless, probably much like your one.

In any game you are rewarded with time spent. In an MMO it is reflected by your gear and levels. In an FPS your knowledge of maps, guns, and mechanics not to mention training your reactions. In an MMO time spent is just more crucial then your reaction speed and you can put actual numbers to how well your doing where as FPS is very subjective.

Hence why I PVP in MMOs cause I'm a thinker and good at planning builds and such. Reaction speeds........ not so much D:

So to end it off:
TL:DR; Claiming FPS is real PVP and MMOs not being PVP is much like saying pong takes more skill then chess. It is purely retarded claim to compare 2 separate skill sets needed.