Happy New Year?

So 2010 is upon us. Another year goes by and we all get a little OLDER. *cries* God, I'm old.

From what I saw on the forums, Jolt is now gone from MT. From the looks of it, MT is a sinking boat. Just saw a video from Finella showing one of their new comps. It basically takes your cooldown and cast time to zero...meaning you can spam HP pots, aoe melee/magic reflects or whatever else as much as you want to, because now you CAN.

That truly is the beacon of brokenness.

On a side Cloud 9 note: Nothing new. PK, PK, PK, grind, PK, PK....roughly in that proportion (which is why I'm still not at the cap). (._.)

I finally got my laptop back with a NON-BROKEN S key. :O The bad news is that, 'cause I was lazy, I didn't back up my hard drive. They basically replaced everything for me. The mainboard, the case, the keyboard, and the HDD. They won't send me my old hard drive back, so there poofs all my stuff. T_T

Can't get my beta version of Windows 7 back. Bleh. Time to try and find a cracked version...